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The Orange County Register featured an article about Blossom and the book’s author in the printed edition of the Aug. 9, 2015 paper. With a circulation of +236,000 people, that’s a great platform to get the word out about this debut novel.

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About the novel Blossom

Blossom’s story will change forever what you know about longing, love and loss … because in extraordinary times, there are no ordinary choices

The world as they knew it was about to end and the people of San Francisco didn’t know it. But you do, as the reader of Blossom . You can celebrate in the Cinderella moments of transformation and cringe during the times of catastrophic decimation. Set against this backdrop of the springtime of 1906 atop Nob Hill, socialite Clarissa Donohue was so close to having everything she’d ever wanted. That is, until she found that her simple request for fortune cookies set into motion an unexpected chain of events with potentially devastating consequences. Read more

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Earth-shattering…an admirable debut.”

–Kirkus Reviews

“A compelling story of the power of love in the face of an unprecedented disaster; of a man who has to choose between his duty and a love that transcends two cultures. Lentz writes an amazing story that brings the San Francisco earthquake to life—first rate!”

—Anne Cleeland, acclaimed author of historical fiction and contemporary mysteries such as Daughter of the God-King

“Between romantic tension and historical events, it’s impossible to not be immersed in this story of passion and tragedy!”

–Midwest Book Review

Time traveler’s glimpse

See 1906 for yourself; uncovered recently, this vintage film captures life in a bustling San Francisco just days before the big quake

While thousands of before-and-after photographs exist, little footage exists that captures life in motion before the quake. Read more

Blossom A-Z

Here’s an alphabetical guide that highlights what you need to know about this intriguing new novel

a-z_2Consider this a Blossom cheat sheet. However, also consider this spoiler alert: If you haven’t read Blossom in its entirety, you may discover details here that you may want to have revealed to you later. Read more

While thousands of before-and-after photographs exist, little footage exists that captures life in motion before the quake. Read more

Questions and topics for discussion

Here are some questions for your reading group to reflect on and react to

The suggested questions are offered to help you and your reading-group members discuss Blossom . Though the story takes place more than 100 years ago, there is much to relate and react to today. Read more

While thousands of before-and-after photographs exist, little footage exists that captures life in motion before the quake. Read more

Love this? Try this!

As you consider reading Blossom , this list may help you decide to invest your time in this timeless story

Here are some recommendations to consider that will bring you to the world of Blossom.

Love this?

Try this!

The movie Titanic Read Blossom
Love at first sight Read Blossom
Plot twists Read Blossom
The Victorian era Read Blossom
Knowing the future Read Blossom
Misfits and outcasts Read Blossom
Historical romance Read Blossom
Sharing a journey Read Blossom

Favorite fortune-telling cookie messages

While writing Blossom , the author collected prophetic slips of paper

fortune-cookie-blackThroughout the process of writing Blossom , the author dined on a lot of his favorite Chinese dishes. Along the way, he collected a number of insightful sayings from his fortune-cookie desserts. The first one is the most cherished. When you read Blossom , you’ll quickly know why. The second is cherished as well, as it provided a spark of encouragement when it was most needed. Read more

Are you most like Blossom , Clarissa or Faye?

Find out right now!

Consider the options in each of the 10 lines and check the statement that sound most like you. Read more

Artifacts and Inspirations

Real-world items transport the author – and you – back to 1906

Each author takes inspiration from different sources. It could be Greek mythology. Or, it could be the antics of today’s headline makers.

The author of Blossom was initially inspired by an escorted walking tour of Chinatown’s back alleys in San Francisco. With the creative seed planted, research about life in that time period began slowly, as well as the collection of items that are directly referred to in the resulting novel, Blossom .

Here are a few of the real world, tangible items that helped the author move the story forward while grounding it in the reality of today.

Click on each photo to enlarge it and read an insightful caption