While writing Blossom , the author collected prophetic slips of paper

Throughout the process of writing Blossom , the author dined on a lot of his favorite Chinese dishes. Along the way, he collected a number of insightful sayings from his fortune-cookie desserts. The first one is the most cherished. When you read Blossom , you’ll quickly know why. The second is cherished as well, as it provided a spark of encouragement when it was most needed.

  • “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”
  •  “You have a charming way with words and should write a book.” (You might guess that this is my favorite!)
  • “From small beginnings come great things.”
  • “An amazing adventure awaits you.”
  • “Always have old memories and young hopes.”
  • “When the flowers bloom, so will great joy in your heart.”
  • “To shine is better than to reflect.”
  • “Confucious say: He who has hope, has everything.”
  • “You must know your own heart before you can know the heart of another.”
  • “You are protected by silent love and friendship near you.”
  • “The world will soon be ready to receive your talents.”
  • “Now is the time to try something new. You will benefit.”
  • “Your hard work is about to pay off.”
  • “Good fortune takes preparation.”
  • “The star of riches is shining on you.”
  •  “You will soon bring joy to someone.”
  • “You will spend many years in comfort and material wealth.”
  • “Next summer you will dance to a different beat.”
  • “If you can befriend yourself, you’ll never be lonely.”
  • “You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home.”
  • “Your investments of time now will lead to success later.”

In a less optimistic fashion, two cleverly coined “Misfortune Cookies” contained the following:

  • “What you are looking for will never be within your grasp.”
  • “You will die alone and poorly dressed.”