Tinsel Town has had a long fascination with earthquakes

Hollywood’s newest tale about earthquakes, San Andreas is sure to send shockwaves through audiences worldwide. But it’s hardly the first time Tinsel Town has put Mother Nature’s catastrophic shaking on film. Here are a few movies to consider if quakes are your thing.

Clark Gable starred in San Francisco in 1936. It’s the story of a Barbary Coast saloonkeeper and a Nob Hill impresario who are rivals for the affections of a beautiful singer, both personally and professionally in 1906 San Francisco.

The stunning-for-its-time Earthquake movie made history with its visuals and special effects. Charlton Heston, George Kennedy and an all-star line-up face the decimation of Los Angeles. Theatergoers in 1974 got to experience the feel of Sensurround.

And then there’s the story of a massive earthquake in New York City. Broadcast on television in 1999, Aftershock claimed to provide “terror off the Richter scale.” Audiences weren’t so sure.