Feedback about Blossom is always welcome. Here’s what some readers have to say.

“A compelling story of the power of love in the face of an unprecedented disaster; of a man who has to choose between his duty and a love that transcends two cultures. Lentz writes an amazing story that brings the San Francisco earthquake to life—first rate!”
—Anne Cleeland, acclaimed author of historical fiction and contemporary mysteries such as Daughter of the God-King

“I read Blossom while I was in San Francisco on a business trip. How cool is that? I get bored easily, and the story kept me engaged, wanting to read the next chapter even though I was physically tired…I tried to stay awake longer just to read it. I pictured every scene, including body language and facial expressions. It’s easy to read and understand…no dictionary required.” – Heather, public relations executive

“The story is ABSOLUTELY compelling! I’m ready for more.” – Debbie, primary school educator

“I cried more than once. And I wanted to cry when I got to the end … not because it was sad, but because I didn’t want the story to end!” – Sarah, college student

“A great accomplishment…you have the know-how, courage and means to write a novel.” – Trisha, high-school English teacher

“The pace was perfect, and the transitions kept me wanting to read more. None of the chapters slowed the story down. The love triangle carries the story along and provides intrigue as the reader waits to see who will win Brock.” – Barbara, editor

“The descriptions formed pictures in my mind. The story moved fast. I found myself waiting for the earthquake. What I found engaging is trying to figure out how Brock was going to get out of his situation.” – Mona, marketing representative

“Even though I knew that the earthquake was coming, I couldn’t put the book down because I had to know what happened to Brock and Blossom .” – Allison, corporate communicator

“You captured the sights, sounds and smells. The ending is great! I’m eager to see the further adventures of Brock and Blossom , and Austin too.” – Joshua, nurse

“I’ve read and reread the Vampire Diaries books and other teen novels, but Blossom took me someplace I didn’t expect to go…and I liked going there.” – Miranda, college student

“Silver-fortune heir Brock St. Clair and Chinese fortune-cookie maker Blossom Sun meet a few days before the 1906 San Francisco earthquake in this debut title in a planned historical romance trilogy.

“Rugged, handsome Brock ventures into Chinatown to fulfill fiancee Clarissa’s request to have fortune cookies at a dinner party she’s having for fellow Nob Hill socialite girlfriends. The visit proves life-changing. While buying the cookies, Brock spots Blossom , the lavender-eyed baker. They’re instantly attracted to each other. Blossom summoned the nerve to talk to Brock as part of a dare from two Chinatown pals, telephone operator Anna Mae and high-class prostitute Monique, to flirt with the first man she sees and not allow her father and grandmother to determine her life by marrying her off to a hulking Chinatown butcher. Brock and Blossom meet several times, and she visits at his ranch on the outskirts of town. The couple is there when the earthquake hits, causing them to rush back to the city to search for survivors, and Blossom receives earth-shattering news. First-time novelist Lentz weaves an effective underlying thread of suspense into what might otherwise be a rather tame from-different-worlds romance by heading up all chapters with a note explaining just how close the historic earthquake and its accompanying “firestorm” are to upending the characters and their plans. Adding spice are some surprisingly nuanced characterizations, with Clarissa not quite the snob cliché that one would expect and artistic aspirant Blossom more of a modern woman than wilting flower. Lentz also sets up some interesting tensions, most particularly intrafamilial competition. Overall, an admirable debut.”

“A promising start to a California-set historical romance series.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Between romantic tension and historical events, it’s impossible to not be immersed in this story of passion and tragedy!”
–Midwest Book Review